Gloria Flores and Maribel Navaro, The Buzz Bike®, Dallas

David Welch and Mike Moreno, The Big Yellow Bike®, Des Moines

Keeley Peden and Vicki Peden, Cowtown Cycle Party®, Fort Worth

Laura Rovick, Social Cycle®, San Diego

Ron and Sue Joseph, Party Pedaler ®, Pittsburgh

Pete Kootsikas & Angie Buckingham, Pedal Tavern ®, Nashville

Kelly Anderson & Gene Landry, Pedal Party ®, Houston


* From Vicki Peden, Managing Partner, Cowtown Cycle Party®, Fort Worth, TX

Starting your own business can be pretty intimidating but the PedalPub® LLC business model took us through the entire process step-by-step. We would have been lost without the guidance that the business model provides.

* From Dusty and Dayna Wymer, Managing Partners, Cycle Tavern®, Columbus, OH

We chose the Pedal Pub brand party bike primarily for the support we were going to receive from the PedalPub® business model. We have never owned a small business and realized that if we were going to make a leap of faith we wanted to make sure we followed what has worked for others. Coincidentally, in another city in Ohio, a competitor decided not to go with PedalPub®. Their bike was put into operation in July and the city grounded it for the remainder of the year until the city attorney could rule on it. Had that person followed the PedalPub® model they would not have encountered those issues. The support from the distributors has been exceptional and the network of fellow licensees is invaluable.