PedalPub® started the first party bike business in the United States in April of 2007.

PedalPub® Managing Partners Eric Olson and Al Boyce saw a photo of the Fietscafe® party bike from the Netherlands in an email from a friend and took a leap of faith that the party bike concept would work in America.

And it did.

Both partners had run successful businesses before. Combining Eric’s personal business experiences and his years as a college professor of business with Al’s degree in advertising and years as a computer programmer proved to be the perfect combination of experience for launching this new industry.


Eric Olson, Joint Founder


Al Boyce, Joint Founder

In the last eight years, PedalPub® LLC has helped 29 party bike businesses grow throughout the country, while growing their own party bike fleet in the Twin Cities to eleven bikes, serving over 2900 tours in 2012.

PedalPub® has seven years’ experience in the Twin Cities and is the first and oldest party bike business in the United States.