I'm Interested in starting my own Party Bike business, what do I do next?

The first step is to fill out the Request for Information form on our website.  We will then send you our PedalPub Business Start-Up Guide which will go into greater detail, and answer most of your further questions about the business.  If you decide to proceed, then fill out the Purchase Application form in the back of our Business Start-Up Guide and fax or email it to us.  We will qualify you for the business, and then begin working with you!

What help will you give me in setting up the business?

– Business Pre-Purchase Worksheet

– Business Manual

– Website and online appointment booking templates

– Permission for use of our forms and waivers

– Referrals to insurance agencies, signage and marketing vendors, etc

– Access to our Licensee email list

– Access to our online Licensee file sharing forum

– And many more!

Can I buy a bike just for my own use, or for promotional use by my company?

Of course!   We have a special “Promotional Use” license for people or companies who do not desire to start a party bike rental business.

What insurance will I need?

We carry a $2 million dollar liability policy on all of our party bikes.  We can provide a referral for you to a great insurance agency that can offer you competitive quotes from three insurance companies that cover party bikes

How much will it cost me?

The price of a PedalPub® party bike is currently around $30,500 plus shipping.  This includes our business manual, and territorial protection for two years on your first bike.   Additional bikes in the same market are around $25,500, plus shipping.

What income assumptions can I expect?

Once a party bike business is up and running, our experience is that a bike can usually 250 to 350 tours in an average year.  The rate per tour will vary from market to market, but in the Twin Cities we charge $385 per two-hour tour, and we find that we are about 50% profitable.  Our first year, we did 80 tours with one bike.  (One of our Licensees reported 200 tours their first season.)  Our second year, 220 tours with one bike.  We started adding bikes over the years and did 2,900 tours in 2012 with eleven bikes.

This has been our experience!  After a lot of hard work, dedication and re-investment of our profits for the first 4 years.  Your results will vary and nothing is guaranteed.  

What makes PedalPub party bikes superior?

PedalPub brand party bikes are manufactured by Het Fietscafe of the Netherlands.  Fietscafe is the world’s FIRST party bike manufacturer.  In fact, the first bike they manufactured in 1996 is still on the road!  In their seventeen years of experience, and through many trials and errors, they have honed their machine into the most robust, durable, and easiest to maintain vehicle currently in production.

How long does it take for my PedalPub party bike to arrive?

Shipping usually takes about six weeks, if you have not selected any customized options.

Is it required to have alcohol on board?

You will never sell or serve alcohol yourselves. First, because the “dram shop” insurance is too expensive.  Second, you can usually get a liquor license only for a fixed location.

The business works just fine without alcohol anyhow.  Over 70% of our Licensees are not allowed by their cities or states to let patrons bring alcohol on board–and they all do quite well without it.

In fact, there are more opportunities to earn additional revenue if you do not allow alcohol.  Details are in our Business Brochure.

How do I create a website and online booking system?

You will likely want to employ your own website developer to design, implement, and maintain your website.  But we can provide you with a basic website template.  There are several online appointment scheduling companies available – we have developed a system with Bookeo that works very well for the Twin Cities and Xola for St Pete, and we will provide our licensees with the booking template we use if they wish.